Join us today for access to a whole range of IT and Intellectual Property Law events!

Membership benefits include priority access to events and competitions, ticket discounts, opportunities to co-organise an event with the Society, and an exclusive subscription to a members-only mailing list. Additionally, upon joining KIIPS you will have the option of having a personal meeting with one of our committee members over some tea/coffee in order to get to know us and the Society better, and vice versa.

Although KIIPS is still a relatively new society, we have already had the privilege of hosting some incredible events such as:

  • Host lectures with world-leading law firms, CEOs and entrepreneurs focussed on exploring the impact of emerging technology on industry and commerce in the years to come;

  • Partner with award-winning organisations and executive coaches to offer you technology orientated commercial awareness workshops as well as opportunities to develop your vocational skills;

  • Bring together law & technology enthusiasts and present them face-to-face with high-profile TechLaw Barristers, Academics, Judges (and more): putting the theory you know in practise;

  • Build relationships with key innovators and LegalTech brands to bring you the latest in all that is the future of the legal profession;

  • …And so many more!

By purchasing KIIPS membership, you’ll have amazing opportunities like these and more right at your fingertips!

Lawyers of the future value diversity of thought: we welcome all non-law and STEM students to join.

Membership is only £7 for the 2019/20 academic year, and can be purchased through the KCLSU website.