How many times, when carrying out a research, you could not find the article you needed to support that amazing idea popped in your mind like a sudden revelation on the road to Damascus just fifteen minutes before the deadline for your submission? Perhaps that article has not been written yet.

If this is the case, why not taking the opportunity of filling that gap and writing that article yourself?

The KIIPS Blog is a student-run blog where we publish posts on topics related to Information and Intellectual Property law, Data Protection, Cybersecurity and related issues. We chose the format of the blog in order to provide a relatively informal environment to foster the exchange of ideas and discussions among students as well as professionals.

But to do so effectively, we need you!

We encourage the submission of articles dealing with the above-mentioned topics which should not exceed 1,500/2,000 words. By way of example, your article may address recent developments both in the regulatory framework or in case law, as well as the analysis of a specific piece of legislation or judgement. Since "international" and "multicultural" are two adjectives that well depict KCL's world, comparative perspectives are more than welcome.

In order to guide you in refining your article before submitting it, please note the following:

  1. Articles should be submitted in the form of a Word file document to;
  2. As already mentioned above, your article should not exceed 1,500/2,000 words;
  3. It is not necessary to include a bibliography, but any references to case law, academic articles or any other sources shall be (i) correct and complete, and (ii) duly included in the footnotes.  We do not require the adoption of OSCOLA. However, you should ensure consistency with the referencing method adopted throughout your article;
  4. Cases, as well as direct quotations from cases, academic articles or any other sources should be in italics.

For any queries or further clarifications relating to the blog and/or doubts relating to the suitability of the topic you chose for your potential submission, please contact Eva Reggiani (

For any queries relating to us and our activities, please send us an e-mail at



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KCL Information Law and Intellectual Property Society ("KIIPS") is a society dedicated to increasing the accessibility of Information Law as well as Intellectual Property Law, including Data Protection, Privacy and related issues, to law and non-law students alike.

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